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List of Allies (Players, etc.) Empty List of Allies (Players, etc.)

Post by FARAZO'1 on Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:00 am

FARAZO'1 and BionicMike - the leaders of the Quest for Infinity. FARAZO'1 is an upgraded Super Monkey (to be precise 3/4) who has the ability to take down infinite BFBs and absorb sunrays. BionicMike is a 4/4 Bionic Lord, who controls fire, glaives, and chaos. They both are peaceful, smart, and have great leader qualities, but they absolutely despise trolls. Co-admins of the site.

Changed something for ya there :p~ Mike
Well played. :p ~FARAZO'1

The Priest of Heaven - The superior being of all universes and dimensions. Even though he is a god, he calls himself a priest as he preaches the word of goodwill toward all living beings of all universes and dimensions. He can defeat anything and everything with his holy light beams, but only uses his power for good. Can only be summoned in emergencies, unless you get Robotonium Reactor in which case you can turn into the Priest temporarily. More powerful than anyone, including both FARAZO'1 and BionicMike; The Priest is not a quester in the quest, nor a mod or admin, because he's too busy to register. Has 7 sons.

The Monkey God - Basically a 3/x or 4/x Super Monkey with some powers it inherited from his father the Priest of Heaven. The firstborn child. It's 4/x if you summon him from a temple, 3/x if you summon him elsewhere. Takes care of the monkeys.

The God of Living - Tends to living species that are in trouble. 2nd son of the Priest of Heaven.

The God of Dead - Tends to dead species in the most caring way. 3rd son of the Priest of Heaven.

The God of Humanity - Worshipped by humans as the "Lord". Humans think he's the only god, although if you're not a human, then you know he's basically the 4th son of the Priest. Tends to the humans.

The God of Specimen - Tends to living species that aren't in trouble. 5th son of the Priest.

Angel Winged Bloons - Any bloon rank from red to ceramic that have wings. The wings are white and angelic. They are good bloons who hide away from the bad and wish to defeat the bad bloons once and for all, but cannot because they are fearful. Live in an unknown location. No species (monkey, human, etc.) has ever seen one!

If I am missing anything, feel free to post allies that I should add.

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