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List of Dimensions Empty List of Dimensions

Post by FARAZO'1 on Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:39 pm

List the dimensions here! It'll come in handy!

The Regular Dimension - Basically the dimension where this quest is just basically posting in a green autumn forum. And everything else in the NinjaKiwi Dimension without the enemies and animals of course.

The NinjaKiwi Dimension - Sort of like the regular dimension, except monkeys, squirrels, octupuses, bears, and machines, can talk and move, and there are some non-human enemies called bloons.

The Minecraft Dimension - A very popular dimension, crowding up to 70,000,000 in one dimension. Where you can craft stuff and create stuff not in the shop!

The Dimension of the Overlord - This is where the Priest of Heaven lives. His sons the Monkey God, "God of Humanity", God of Living, God of Dead, God of Evil, God of Bloons, and the God of Specimen were born here.

The Dimension of your Doom - A dimension where the Priest of Destruction lives. Very dark, and nearly impossible to survive without the supervision of at least one of the 6 good gods (there are 9 in the quest, 3 of them are evil).

Combinus Dimension - A dimension where all elements are combined into one. Mainly involves the elements of the "Regular Dimension", but also mixes in other elements in some noticable ways, and some other not-so-noticable ways.

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