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About the Quest for Infinity Empty About the Quest for Infinity

Post by FARAZO'1 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:50 pm

The Quest for Infinity was a Ninjakiwi forum game created by FARAZO'1. After FARAZO'1 lost access to BTD5 (a game made by Ninjakiwi) due to a software update involving the game, he gave control of the game to BionicMike.

Over time, the Quest for Infinity began to spiral out of control on Ninjakiwi's forums, and became spammy, trolly, etc. Eventually it was shut down by a moderator on Ninjakiwi.

The game was brought back to life by Ninjakiwi forumers who created a more moderated yet changed version. When FARAZO'1 made his "triumphant" return into Ninjakiwi, he decided to attempt to bring back the original Quest for Infinity. Administrator of Ninjakiwi Aaron denied rights, so FARAZO'1 and BionicMike created this forum in order to bring back the Quest.

No rights for posting... this is just an "about the game" page.

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