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Bloon Colonies! Empty Bloon Colonies!

Post by BionicMike on Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:50 am

Bloon Colonies are basically their defense against residents of other dimensions/universes. Over time, they get stronger, so it's best to take care of them immediately.

Things to keep in mind:
-When a bloon colony is destroyed, the surrounding colonies become slightly weaker.

-Bloon Colonies can have the following levels:
Weak- Red to Pink Level. Just setting up.
Easy- Black to Zebra Level. Still not too hard.
Normal- Rainbow to MOAB Level. A bit hard.
Hard- BFB to ZOMG Level. Very hard.
Impoppable- DDT, LEAD ZEPPELIN and BOSS BLOON. The ultimate defense.

Additioanlly, they can have:
Fortified Level 1- A lil-bit of fortifications.
Fortified Level 2- Some more defense.
Fortified Level 3- Steel Reinforcements.
Fortified Level 4- Titanium Reinforcements.
Fortified Level 5- The Ultimate Forceful Defense. Nearly impoppable to break ( GET IT? IMPOPPABLE? No one gets my jokes Sad )

Density Level 1- A lot of bloons. But not a whole lot.
Density Level 2- Groups of bloons here.... groups.
Density Level 3- Extreme density. MOAR than that Round 63 stuff. Yeah, talking about extreme density.
- Taking down a bloon fortress requires TEAMWORK, friendship, and...stuff.

Anyways, here is the bloon colony list:
7 Bloon Colonies Formed- Normal
2 Bloon Colonies
3 Bloon Colonies
1 Bloon Colony

-Bloon Colony formed. Are mostly Weak, can be taken out easily 01


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