The 4/4 Chaos Boomer of immortality! Or is he.....

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The 4/4 Chaos Boomer of immortality! Or is he..... Empty The 4/4 Chaos Boomer of immortality! Or is he.....

Post by BionicMike on Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:31 pm

Hey there, it's BionicMike! You may know me as *insert my real name here which I'm not going to disclose here* Michael Li. And because of that last name, you probably think I'm asian. And I am :3
Anyways, I am just a normal teenager who goes to school, co-collaborated with FARAZO'1 for the Quest for Infinity, blah blah blah, you guys all know it. Let me continue on.
I play a lot of Touhou, Minecraft, and am planning to start a MC server with my friend. I also play the piano, and I've played it for about 8 years now. Very Happy
Goals in Life: To be very good at piano, and to reach post-ARCT level and become a piano teacher
To build an elite Gaming Computer with an Core i7
To let the TQFI have 100,000 posts.
To actually gain immortality ^_^
Anyways, I am a HUGE fan of the 2/3 Bionic Boomer, even if one day NK decides to remove it, or nerf it by a lot, the awesomeness will still be in my heart Wink
The immortality came from Touhou, and it's a pretty complicated reference, PM me if you want to know that.
The chaos....... I just came up with it :p
Anyways, that's my introduction. Haz a nice day peple.


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