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Post by BionicMike on Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:29 pm

Please excuse the terrible alliteration and title.

Welcome to the Mike Mall! We sell all sorts of different things.

Run-of-The-Mill-Mall- Just sells your normal stuff. Nothing too too special.

Super Rare Mall- Contains very rare things. They have special bonuses and whatnot. They are only avliable once. I have infinite things in the run-of-the-mill mall.

Fusion Machine- Fuses stuff. Can't fuse anything with the Priest of Heaven or Robotonium Reactor.

BTD5 Weapons- Sells BTD5 weapons. You can also purchase subscription cards here.


Small Potion
Heals 100 Health. Has a 5 post recharge. Costs 200 Quester Coins.
Small Energy Potion
Heals 20 Energy. Has a 5 post recharge. Costs 500 Quester Coins. Mike, please delete the blank spot and place it with a number that is a reasonable price. ~FARAZO'1.
I think I forgot to put a price in there...? ~Mike

Super Rare Mall
Flaming Sabre-
A deadly sabre that attacks extremely quickly, and slices through everything. Very good for doing massive damage to the Lead Zeppelin. Also okay if you're too lazy to grill, because the flames will leave that grill mark on your sliced zucchini Very Happy
42-58 damage, dealing 20/2 posts as burn damage.
125,000 Quester Coins

Fusion Machine

I have yet to receive the shipment for the parts.... sorry guys!

BTD5 Mall
Want some BTD5 weapons? Buy 'em here! We have dart packs, bomb packs, and infinite subscriptions! Now you can have all the darts you want!

Darts do not stack. 5,000 dart pack takes up 2 spaces.
500 Darts is 1.2 Coins/ dart, which means total is 600 Quester Coins.
2000 Darts is 1/ dart, total is 2000 Quester Coins.
Infinite Darts gives you a 5,000 dart pack, and more anytime. Costs 15,000 quester coins per week.
Spike Balls
Spike ball packs do not stack, except the 500, which takes up 2 spaces, and 1000, which takes up three.
100 Spike balls is 5/ spike ball, which is 500 quester coins.
250 spike balls is 4.8/spike ball, which is 1200 Quester Coins.
500 Spike Balls is 4.5/ spike ball, which is 2250 Quester Coins.
An infinite spike ball subscription gives you 1,000 spike balls, and more anytime. Costs 30,000 Quester Coins per week.
Bombs do not stack either.All bomb packs take up 2 inventory spaces.
50 bombs is 2.5/bomb, which is 125 Quester Coins.
100 bombs is 2.4/ bomb, which is 240 Quester Coins
Infinite bombs gives you 200 bombs, and more anytime. Costs 7,000 per week.


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