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Trade Coins for Weapons! Empty Trade Coins for Weapons!

Post by FARAZO'1 on Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:08 pm

A new feature in the Quest for Infinity will include Trading! You are allowed to trade with non-players that you meet in the game! In exchange for Quester Coins, a non-player ally can give you an all new weapon. For example, if you give Monkey Pirates about 15,000 Quester Coins, you can receive a personal powerful grappling hook.

Trading will work like this:

- Certain items in the Upgrade Shop will require giving a non-player ally a certain amount of Quester Coins. When you give the Quester Coins to them, they give you something to help you on the quest.

- For now we only have one item that requires trading (the grappling hook), but we'll add more in future updates.

- Remember, you can only trade with allies, and the allies have to be non-players. Trading with the Priest of Heaven is not allowed because he's too busy, unfortunately. Sad

It's very simple, is it not? Feel free to talk about trading here! Very Happy

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