Update 3! September 7, 2014

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Update 3! September 7, 2014 Empty Update 3! September 7, 2014

Post by BionicMike on Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:58 pm

Before you read this update, please acknowledge the fact that I have worked nearly 3 hours on this big, new update, with weapons and stuff, and that me and FARAZO'1 read every single post to make sure this game is spam-free. This OP itself did not take long to make, the weapons and all the stats did. Also note that I'm posting this in advance. Because we update the game at Sunday GMT 00:00 time, and I'm not there, I'm just going to update the game now and add everything new because I have other things to do today.
Thanks for all the support guys,
~Mike, the immortal Bionic Laord
Hey there, it's BionicMike BACK with another new update!
The BTD5 Weaponary!
Now, you can order Bloons weapons, all forged from very original, powerful, and OP materials! Go check out the Mike Mall to buy darts, spike balls, bombs, and more!
So, you want to save your skill points for that oh-so-specialllll skill huh? Yeah I knew you did. And now it's possible to get upgrades!
You can get more range, more popping power, and more speed per dart! ( Or tack, or… whatever. )
Mechanical Improvements
We've recruited the best Monkey Engineers to help you and your bionic weaponary ! (Get it, Bionic weaponary? Cuz I'm a Bionic lord? Right? My jokes are so…. Mechanical.)
Anyways, now including new mechanical upgrades!
Our team of Monkey Engineers are specialized to help us  bring the best out of every machine, and they've brought a few upgrades along! They will be in the skill points category, but they cost specialized items and time to do.
More Skills!
The new Ragnarok skill set is extremely and randomly powerful. It brings the power of the gods, but costs your health and a lot of other things in return.
Bolt of the Gods is an deadly skill, dealing high damage. It absolutely takes down MOAB-bloons.
Flame of the Gods is another deadly skill, bring a blaze rain down on your enemies. It completely sears your enemies ,causing damage, and burning water!
Judgement of the Gods is another skill you won't be getting until a later level. You must have level 3 in Bolt of the Gods and Flame of the Gods, but fires the ultimate blast, limiting their defense ^_^
Other Nerfs and stuff:
Total HP displayed. TAP more! We now have 350 HP max.
For Special skills, you must have points in other skills before you unlock those. Smile


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